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Emmit Seay

Emmit was my Grandfather Seay's brother. Not a lot is known about him. My Mom (Julia Belle) tells that after Emmit was born, she became ill, and a Dr. left a bottle of some sort of elixier at her bedside. Emmit was old enough to reach the bottle and take it. This resulted in convulsions (seizures?) after which Emmit never fully recovered. He spent most of the rest of his life at Rusk State Hospital.


There are some discepancies regarding the photo. No one seemed to know that he could play the violin (perhaps this is just a photo prop, and no one seems to recall him being this old and still mentally capable. In reality, his life was directly tied to the treatment of the mentally ill. Also this photo appears to be the back of a postcard. It is quite possible that the photographs of that day were done in this format, but there is no evidence it was ever sent anywhere, nor is there any indication of where or when it was taken.


He died at a fairly old age, and I recall Grandfather and Grandmother Seay periodically going to visit him at Rusk, and that Grandfather Seay was always capable of providing funds for Emmits needs.



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Taken on August 6, 2007