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This is why!!!

Some (most?) people think I am crazy to crawl under a houses to get scared dogs out of there, but pictures like this are the reason I do it time after time!!


Josie, (the white Pit Bull) was hiding under a house in South Central Los Angeles, and I was asked to help.


It's always hard to move around when you're under a house. Space is very limited, it's dark, dusty, tons of spiders everywhere, and of course there is always a terrified dog that I have no idea how he/she would react to my presence (I NEVER had a dog under a house who was HAPPY to see me at first).


When I first met Josie I could only see her two eyes, and then I heard a low growl.


Fast forward a few minutes, and I was able to make her think she can escape from me. She crawled out from under the house, just to discover that Samantha Vianos, Amy Silver, Kelli Book and Sasana are holding a trap against the exit crawl space. As soon as she walked into the trap (thinking she is free), the trap was slammed shut, and we had her!! (you can see her picture below moments after we got her).


Is it crazy to crawl after a terrified animal? Maybe. One thing is for sure though - seeing pictures of these dogs in their loving forever homes after that makes it all worth it!!!


Thank you Samantha for the photo update!!


I have one request from everybody - please help us pay for all these rescues, by downloading a copy of our book that is now available for FREE to everybody. Hope For Paws gets 10 cents for every download, but for it to really add up, we need the book downloaded THOUSANDS of times.


Here is the link: www.eldadhagar.com - Please share it and ask your family and friends to help us by downloading it too.






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Uploaded on February 20, 2012