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Railroad Tracks Mama (and pups) | by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws)
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Railroad Tracks Mama (and pups)

Three days ago I got an email from a woman called Veronica about a female dog and her three puppies that are living 10 ft. away from the railroad tracks. (about five miles south east of downtown L.A).


KINDER RESCUE contacted me, and offered to take them and find them homes if I will be able to capture them.


Three minutes later I was already on my way... armed with a few Jack in the Box cheeseburgers. (I rushed to get there, and it made me forget to take batteries for my little video camera, so there is no video for this rescue... sorry).


When I got there, I saw the mama hiding in the bushes, and the puppies were running around and playing on the railroad tracks. A train passed by, and they moved before getting hit. (they are only 10 weeks old, but already pretty smart).


I offered them all food, and they slowly approached me. Once I was able to touch the mom, I took a leash out of my pocket, but as soon as the mom saw the leash she started running away from me, and the puppies were after her. I followed them for a while to see if I can get them cornered somewhere, but they just kept running.


Since I know the area from previous dog capturing missions, I decided to walk back to my car, and catch up with them from the other direction.


By the time I made it back to my car, they already completed a full circle, and were at the same starting point. When they saw me again, they started crossing the road where people drive pretty fast (40-50 mph). I was trying to slow down traffic as they were going back and forward trying to reach the other side, and luckily they crossed safely.


I noticed a homeless man walking towards me on my side of the street, and the dogs noticed him too and decided to cross the road again. Again traffic was stopped as these four dogs were crossing the street. They ran towards the homeless man, and were very happy to see him. Since the seemed to know him, I asked him if he could help me capture them so they can get adopted, and he was so nice to help me. I gave him my leash, and stood back as he got the mom. After he had her, I placed her in my trap, and tied her inside. I was hoping that the puppies would follow her right away, but they were hesitating about going in.


The homeless man, who has so little in life, offered them a piece of his hamburger, and a piece of fried chicken. Only two puppies walked into the trap, so I decided to slam the door shut, and deal with the third differently. The third puppy became frustrated when he couldn’t reach his mom and his sisters, and he finally sad down by the cage and cried. I sneaked behind him, and grabbed his neck so he wouldn’t bite me.


These dogs are so lucky… one minute they live in such a sad area, and an hour later they are in Beverly Hills, being taken care of by a vet and a group of volunteers who will help them overcome the life they lived so far.


Sadly there are more dogs living in this area with many homeless people. I will go back there on Monday and try to help these people who are so kind to these animals.


Thank you again KINDER RESCUE for taking care of the mom and babies.



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Uploaded on January 31, 2010