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Dallas - rescued from gang members (read how you can get our book for FREE!) | by Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws)
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Dallas - rescued from gang members (read how you can get our book for FREE!)

I got a call yesterday about a few gang members who killed a dog (they tied a knife to a wooden stick, cornered the dog, and stabbed him to death), and now these gang members are after another dog who is hiding under a building. (animal control was called, but they never bothered showing up).


The girl who called me told me that the area is clear at the moment.


I left everything, and drove to downtown L.A in rush hour... knowing that speed is critical.


I met a friend of mine there (George - who took care of so many of the dogs I rescued off the streets of L.A), and together we blocked all the exits for the dog.


When everything was sealed, I broke on of the ventilation screens in a spot where I could get in, grabbed my flashlight, my snare, and I crawled under the building to get the dog.


When I got near the dog I realized it was a large mastiff mix who was terrified. After short negotiation with the dog (explaining that the gang members might be back any minute now), he allowed me to place the snare on him. Coming out from under the building was a different story though... he was fighting me, resisting my pull, and so I just had to drag him out.


When I got out, I grabbed my camera, took a picture for you guys, and then pulled him from under the building.


I was able to pet him right away... he was just scared to death. I picked him up, took him to the car, and placed him in a crate.


I then heard a "meow" coming from the tree. A second later, a kitten jumped from the tree, and landed on a trash bin. I asked George to grab him too (knowing that his fate at that location just can't be good), and he did. We placed the cat in a crate, and left the area immediately.


I am so happy he is now safe and that he can start his recovery process that will end when we'll find him a great home.


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Uploaded on June 25, 2009