Augustana Synod Seminary 1894

Augustana Seminary class of 1894, Rock Island, Illinois. The class was ordained June 10, 1894 at St. Peter, Minnesota.


Those in the class were (alphabetically): Robert P. Acsell; Otto Martin Anderson; Alfred Bergin; Joseph Nathanael Brandelle; Johannes Brodeen; Frans Magnus Eckman; Johan August Edlund; Lewis Erick Gullander; Anders Gunberg; John August Gustafson; Carl Henderson; Nickolaus Lehart; Christian August Lindahl; Karl Axel Johanson Martin; Peter Martinson; John A. Mattson; Peter August Mattson; John Henry Nelson; Oscar O. Nelson; Andrew Gustav Olson; Carl Emil (Olsson) Olson; Peter Peterson; Ernest Frederick Wilhelm; Kristoffer Rosenthal; Alfred L. Scott; Carl Enoch Slatt; Gustaf Knut Stark; Anders J. Stenwall; Emanuel Olson Stone.


Three of these are not pictured.


Photo by Jarvis White Art Co., Davenport, Iowa. ELCA Archives image.

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