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Got it =P
ba3'6 elnas be'3aron =P

click here if u don't know about the system


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  1. ♥ŮпяёаСђαβζє♥ -- In U.S.A [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

    Very Nice ^^

    ♥ ζovё & KїŜŝєs ♥ ... My New Pic ^^


  2. el3enawe ( سبحان الله وبحمده ) 100 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone XD

    lazem tejarboon elle3bah , realy its great & fun (Y)

  3. cj2007 100 months ago | reply

    how do you like it?
    is it as cool as they say? i heard people have had accidents breaking things with the controller flying out of ftheir grip.

  4. el3enawe ( سبحان الله وبحمده ) 100 months ago | reply

    its really great and fun
    Whole my family played it and loved it =)
    i really laugh at the people who play it in stupied way like hard and without wearing the wrist straps :)

    once u try it, u will not stop playing it ;)

  5. brennheit bakst 99 months ago | reply

    christ, this is painful to watch, it's impossible to get a hold of a wii over here as of now... planning on picking up zelda and monkey ball

  6. SG-SSC 97 months ago | reply

    Lucky you

  7. yaQ [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

    yaay ^^
    we just got one.. they r so much fun!

    usually i really hate video games.. but i love this =D

    have fun *_^

  8. εïзиαиαεïз 96 months ago | reply

    ma a3rf y3ny shno thy =$

  9. ^*Bomba$tic*^ 96 months ago | reply

    luvly .. wish i gave one ..

    how much it cost ? and from where u got it ?

  10. el3enawe ( سبحان الله وبحمده ) 95 months ago | reply

    its cheap 250$ or in UAE about 1100 DH
    i think in every videgame shop =)

    thanks everyone for pasiing by =)

  11. Fa6ma.A.M 95 months ago | reply

    ابووي بيااخذها لي<<< احم احم شنسوي الهديه ماتنرد

  12. ♀Қάωάї♀ ~* Allahm lak al7amd *~ 95 months ago | reply

    wow it seems (Y) shkly b5athah.. .. thx broo anyway

  13. مٱ ڕۈ۾ ٱڼآ فڕﭱآڪـ۾ → Gucci Tσρ 93 months ago | reply

    نااايس , حتى احنا عندنـا ^__^

  14. 9Tendo** [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

    monkey ball

    مب حلوة بايخه

  15. mЯ.฿âđЬŏy 90 months ago | reply

    ناايس حتى انا عندي

    انصحك تشتري Super mario galaxy

  16. Princess Of Duelists 83 months ago | reply

    Haha nice =P

    Buy RE:Umbrella Chronicles =P My favorite

    Shoo loon your PS3 and X360? =D Mine are all white! Like the cutie Wii =P

  17. A ` [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

    نايس والله
    كومنت مي بليز

  18. BAHIM Z 360 70 months ago | reply

    Hey there!!

    Does the nunchuck comes with the wii or did you buy it separately?

  19. netboysbe 48 months ago | reply

    Hi, we really liked your photo and we could not help but borrow it. I hope it's ok that we used it on one of our blog posts? It's over at

    Credit has been given at the end of the post. Thanks a lot!

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