Helvetica Trade Advertising 02

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    Print design and production
    Volume 2 - Issue 6, 1966
    From the archive of Michael Hernan [FontGroup]

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    1. InformationWorkshop 95 months ago | reply

      If you have a Netflix subscription, you can go right now and instantly watch the very cool documentary called "Helvetica" on your computer, TiVo, PS3, Xbox360, iPhone or iPad.

    2. babauer2 95 months ago | reply

      what's "a grot"? -- guy #4

    3. ekusupo 95 months ago | reply

      Grot = Grotesque.
      Somewhat interchangeable term with 'Sans Serif'.
      The Type Founder Stephenson Blake's 'Grotesque No. 7' is a great example

      A selection can be seen here:


    4. colinaut 95 months ago | reply

      *all sexist men from the 1960s in marketing

    5. Ken Zirkel 95 months ago | reply

      Don Draper would love it.

    6. spchampion 95 months ago | reply

      Absolutely fantastic. It's a shame that Flickr defaults to Arial.

    7. glebec 95 months ago | reply

      “Helvetica, of course! Oh, and I’m not a *man, I’m a woman, SEE? How very 1960s half-sexist of us.” Hahahahahaha, this is pretty choice.

    8. presta 95 months ago | reply

      What about the asterisk itself, everyone? I've never seen it before! Was that Linotype's original version, with the center knocked out? These days all my Helveticas are a five-point star.

    9. kestrel272000 95 months ago | reply

      Yes, what's up with that asterisk? I don't believe it's a wildcard – that'd be too much computerese for a type advert in 1966, surely? Is there a section missing, perhaps?

      What interests me more is why there had to be two awkwardly-and-unnecessarily-hyphenated words in the copy - "en-hances the legibility" (!) and "intrin-sic" (beauty). Eh? Both the phrases – "enhances the legibility." and "intrinsic beauty." would fit on one line, so why ugly it up like that?

    10. trumpetflickr 95 months ago | reply

      An still going strong, quite a find indeed.

    11. ekusupo 95 months ago | reply

      Asterisk - is at the end of 'Helvetica of course'.

    12. kestrel272000 95 months ago | reply

      @ekusupo - Aha! Thanks! That makes more sense...

    13. traxor 95 months ago | reply

      This is awesome. Loving the woman.

    14. dkeane 95 months ago | reply

      It annoys me an ad for Helvetica was done by somebody who didn't hang the quotes.

    15. seven2521 95 months ago | reply

      when i grow up, i want to be a print man.

    16. urnomesat 95 months ago | reply

      Look for the poster of the original "Ocean's Eleven" film. It's quite similar.

    17. ekusupo 95 months ago | reply

      Randy Reddig thanks for that! - But what will you do since Arial is your only font?

    18. Pedro Moura 95 months ago | reply

      great look & feel for the "print men"...

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