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Ice Cream Man--Summer 1976

"The ice cream man is here!"


Kids scrambled to parents for change. Moms dug in pockets and purses for a few coins, happy to see the kids being occupied for awhile. We stood in line, amazed at the fronds of steamy-cool air that curled from within that magical freezer door behind The Great One's head.


For the groups--


Note my two brothers' socks and tennis shoes, foreground. Both are wearing dark colors. The "brand" of tennis shoe was utterly unimportant back then. A shoe was a shoe.


The shorts were much more form-fitting than today's baggies. No belts nor pockets, either--not visible in the photo, but I attest to their absence. Cut-offs had them, of course, but the shorts on my brothers were the early "store-boughts." I don't remember shorts with pockets till 1983, at least in the Midwest.


That each boy had a printed t-shirt of some sort reminds me that it was in this era, and not much earlier in Dubuque, Iowa, at least, that "message shirts" became common.


I also note the stylelessness of their haircuts.

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Taken in July 1976