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    1. synecdoche 81 months ago | reply

      A Boy Scout burning the flag?

    2. Todd Ehlers 81 months ago | reply

      A yes, Syn. This was a flag burning ceremony that takes place annually on flag day (6-14) right next to my home.

      Protocol forbids simply pitching public flags. They must be ceremonially burned. This year they had around 20 or so. And that is based on the flag population of my little McGregor, Iowa. Many, many flags are used even by small towns for display on civic holidays. If they are tattered, ripped, or (usually) just faded, this is their proper end.

    3. Gordon _Iowa 81 months ago | reply

      Great shot. I have one that needs to go to the ceremony.

    4. Aardvark For Freedom 81 months ago | reply

      Personally I think older flags have character...

    5. Aardvark For Freedom 78 months ago | reply

      This is how a flag is properly disposed of. It is not a Republican thing. It is an honor thing.

    6. Aardvark For Freedom 78 months ago | reply

      I am not going to argue with you. Republicans want to pass a law banning flag burning as a form of protest. What this Boy Scout is doing is the age old traditional way of properly destroying a flag once its life cycle is over. It follows a ceremony that gives the flag its proper respect.

    7. mikehipp 67 months ago | reply

      whatever the protocol for disposing of an American flag.... these pictures would make FABULOUS propaganda shots for somebody with an agenda.

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