She Serves; He eats

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    Popular Mechanics, January 1949, page 154.

    1. Gordon _Iowa 93 months ago | reply

      Looks like a TV dinner...

    2. candyruth 92 months ago | reply

      That's a stiff smile she's giving...and that rope in her hand looks suspicious...and his white socks. I see a crime scene in the making.

    3. Blythe Laboratory 68 months ago | reply

      Good lord, have they tied this poor woman to the trolley?

    4. sandiv999 68 months ago | reply

      Is the plug there for the tray or for her? Wife of the future, only around when you need her....

    5. Charm and Poise 68 months ago | reply

      I will feed my husband and child. I will do that by pushing this wheeled thing into the dining room. I will grow more vacant by the minute. BEEP!

    6. Mary (David's wife) 68 months ago | reply

      Is he making her do her stewardress impression? Maybe the rope is to, uh, measure the size of his carryon package-- uh, baggage...?

    7. retro-dad [deleted] 68 months ago | reply

      Yes, by the look in her eye I'd say it's going to be his LAST dinner. He'll be found later strangled by an electric cord.

    8. bg147 59 months ago | reply

      A Stepford, perhaps.

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