A sneak peak on the "Suits" project I am currently working on.


This project is a very personal project. It revolves around when I used to work as a "Suit" at my old job.


Although I had great friends and a boss that looked out for me, I was unhappy. I was stuck in a cubicle 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, doing a job that didn't fulfill me. The longer I stayed cooped up, the less creative I felt- and the work would suck the soul out of me.


I would work harder and harder, trying to get that next raise or promotion. $40,000 a year wasn't enough for me, I wanted $60,000 a year. And after that, I wanted $80,000 then $100,000 and hopefully one day $200,000.


I wanted a nice car. A new BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche like all of the bigshots at work. I needed to show others how successful I was, which had to be symbolized through my material possessions.


After I got laid off my job and now am pursuing my street photography, I feel that I have finally "found the light". But still, whenever I see others in suits I can feel their pain- their struggle - their loss of identity. I can sympathize with them having jobs that they hate, just to pay the bills, support the family, and hopefully one day be considered "successful".


I currently have about 10 photographs in the set that I feel good about, so hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to get around 10 more. Stay updated!


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Taken on October 28, 2012