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By photographing your loved ones, you remind yourself that they are mortal. And all the moments, lovely laughs, and delicious meals you share— will eventually end.


I photograph Cindy, with the full awareness that she will die. I will die. I photograph her as a reminder to myself to appreciate my (brief) time on earth with her. And my ultimate hope in photographing Cindy and promoting ‘personal photography’ is to teach photographers:


Don’t take your loved ones for granted.


Photograph your loved ones like today is going to be their last. Or photograph your loved ones like today is your last.


Simple ways to get started:


1. Photograph with your smartphone


Photograph your loved ones with your smartphone, and whenever you hit the shutter— remind yourself, “This is a wonderful moment. I appreciate every second with them. This will not last forever.”


2. Tell your loved ones that you love them


Whenever I photograph Cindy, I compliment her on her beauty, intellect, and child-like curiosity. I almost use photography as an excuse to show my appreciation for her.


3. Make the photos beautiful


To the best of your ability; try to make the most artistic, beautiful photographs of your loved ones. Who knows, maybe one day you might use that image as their altar-piece. Also, if your loved ones pass before you do, at least you will have beautiful images of them, to uplift your soul when you are grieving.



Conclusion: Photograph with your heart


I don’t meant to depress you, scare you, or be so macabre.


However, I just want to urge you: photograph your loved ones, because your time together on earth is brief.


Be strong,


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Taken on May 8, 2015