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    Updating to latest version of OSX

    1. Rex Roof 81 months ago | reply

      I need to update mine.
      have any tips for reinstalling it?

    2. t.coveney 81 months ago | reply

      I've wanted to do this for awhile with my Wind, but haven't found a good way to do it. Any info on where to look for the best method for this?

    3. *ejk* 81 months ago | reply

      I followed this guide:

      The hardest part was that I needed to unplug and replug the external dvd drive to get it to boot from the OSX disk. Also, I needed to install the 1.1 version of the DellEFI tools instead of the version that was bundled on the DellMiniBoot disk.

    4. Rex Roof 81 months ago | reply

      where'd you find the 1.1 version of the tools?
      that's something you can add post-install?

    5. *ejk* 81 months ago | reply

      MyDellMini has a google code project page. Here's the download list sorted by download count.


      I was able to install the 1.1 version over the one on the CD post install, but I had to boot from the CD in safe mode to do it.

    6. Rex Roof 81 months ago | reply

      some reason you didn't use the latest (1.2a5) one?

    7. Rex Roof 81 months ago | reply

      update: I used the 1.2a5 DellEFI tools. I used the options suggested here: www.mydellmini.com/forum/mac-os-x-guides/3743-how-install... and installed the tools twice, once normally, and then once in safe mode.

      awesome. the card reader works now!

    8. *ejk* 81 months ago | reply

      Nice! Haven't tried the card reader yet. I used the 1.1 because I figured it was more compatible with the version of the DellMiniBoot that I used. I guess it doesn't really matter as it's separate from the boot process.

      Next up for me is to get Ubuntu netbook edition running in dual-boot config.

    9. Rex Roof 81 months ago | reply

      if anyone finds this page for tips, I highly suggest the trackpad installer from here: www.mydellmini.com/forum/mac-os-x/7007-touchpad-driver-in...
      looks like v17 is the latest that is available, the links for v18 are dead!

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