4523th reason not to share a salad bowl, no matter how big it is (53/365.2)

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    from the first time i made a salad, we've shared it in a big bowl (saves dishes and besides, we eat it all). over time, the salad has gotten better and the uh, competition has intensified.

    1. skvidal 74 months ago | reply

      Note my look of ferocity is only b/c SHE KEEPS HOGGING THE BOWL! :)

    2. lotusknits 74 months ago | reply

      looks like fun

    3. carrieoke13 74 months ago | reply

      HA. this is awesome.

    4. (afm) 74 months ago | reply

      Hee - sometimes sharing is not such a great idea!

    5. just maryse 74 months ago | reply

      i'm the only one in the house who eats salad so there's none of that

    6. skvidal 74 months ago | reply

      Thruhike98: we always both win. Our salads kick ass. Much better than pretty much every salad I've ever had.

    7. pocket farmer 74 months ago | reply

      Ha! That is the best expression ever.

    8. Nonnahs* 74 months ago | reply

      Ha! OMG, this is so cute!

    9. RunnerGirl713 74 months ago | reply

      this is freaking hilarious.

    10. leedav 74 months ago | reply

      I've had the lettuce that goes into that salad and can confirm that it's worth fighting over.

    11. concateknit 74 months ago | reply

      Oh my - that would never work for me and Mike. I always save the tastiest bites for last, and we ended up with a wee problem when I would ask him if he wanted a bite of something and he'd ALWAYS take the bite I was saving. Now he asks me if there's a bite I am saving so he can avoid it, but sharing a salad bowl (we make kick butt salads, too) would be a recipe for disaster.

      oh hai - I am nutz.

    12. GirlReaction 74 months ago | reply

      hilariously scary faces! :)

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