• sky carver by dean whitlock
  • osamu tezuka's dororo vol 1 and 2
  • hidden: the life of skies, by jonathan rosen and a book of charles simic poetry.
  • titles? - marthasnail
  • afternoon light.

who thinks i have a book problem? (274/365)

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even if they are only library books...it was a good trip today.

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  1. meg's my name ages ago | reply

    i need to get a library card!

  2. sleepyneko ages ago | reply

    : oh please do. library books have saved me a fortune and lots of space!

    my favorite part of the library is being able to reserve new books when they come out. almost as good as getting new books!

  3. lcdeane ages ago | reply

    I have a serious library addiction, too. We also "rent" DVDs via interlibrary loan.

  4. lauren*o ages ago | reply

    Heh, it can't be THAT bad if it's from the library and not the store!

  5. RunnerGirl713 ages ago | reply

    no such thing as a book "problem"... :)

  6. GRACIA + LOUISE ages ago | reply

    An impressive pile...

  7. knitting by bicycle ages ago | reply

    i'm currently writing a blog post about how i've found myself with a stack of books that i am stoked to read right now.

    i've got my reading mojo back and it looks like you're going strong too

  8. pirathecaire 116 months ago | reply

    I just wanted to let you know that I used this picture for my blog, pirathecaire.com. As you can see if you visit pirathecaire, it is a French blog, so if my comment is not clear, blame it on my poor English. ;) For your information, as you may not read French, pirathecaire is a blog about librarianship.

    On my blog, if you roll over your picture, you will be able to read the «title» of the picture. I use a standard phrasing for each CC picture I put on my blog, that could be translated by something like «Picture created by [your name] under a Creative Commons [type of your license] license.» Your picture is also linked to its page on your flickr gallery, so the readers can track it back to you.

    Thank you!

  9. RumpledElf 95 months ago | reply

    Hi, I used this picture too, here: photographicdictionary.com/n/novel

    Thanks for sharing with a CC license!

  10. swedishchef1 87 months ago | reply

    Love this photo - I'm using it for our Facebook "cover photo" for our Friends of the Library group. Thanks! www.facebook.com/montclairlibrary

  11. DONA119 80 months ago | reply

    love it used it at eecoy.com thks

  12. hmsedwick 66 months ago | reply

    I will be using this on my blog, keepingitlegal.blogspot.com as part of a discussion about copyright law fro writers. Helen

  13. ajayanand2300 55 months ago | reply

    This is such a beautiful photo. I have used it on my website www.bluebuckpublications.in The credit has been given there, along with. Thank you so much. Regards.

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