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    I only remember some moans or sighs when we were told that some 80-100 students are buried in these few graves. There were YET some children buried in the concrete rubble which couldn't be lifted despite many people's endless tries.

    Why, you ask me, these children didn't get buried in separate graves with names and all that???

    Ask me...

    And before you ask me, ask from yourself what the answer could be.

    The answer was not so complicated as it may sound but the dead-bodies that got recovered were so badly damaged after 4-6 days' of EarthQuake that there was NO WAY someone could recognise them and then there weren't even proper bodies there.

    We, normal healthy human beings, with all our minds and hearts intact couldn't even stand there without our masks after 10 days. Then, who digged the rubble and destroyed school and recovered those damaged bodies?

    Ironically, the same Mullahs and fundamental muslims with beards and some 20somethings who were there before Government or anyone else and digged day and night until they were sure they couldn't dig anymore.

    View/Download the documentaries below for even better visual and emotional experience.

    Serendip Productions
    Rising as One (Dialup) 3.69MB
    Rising as One(Broadband) 30.9MB
    With English commentary and interviews

    CNN Special Report
    Faces of EarthQuake (Dialup) 7.11MB
    Faces of EarthQuake (Broadband) 59.6MB

    1. Imran Khan - Always Pakistan First 103 months ago | reply

      Dil khoon ke aansoo rota hai jab yeh tabaahi yaad aati hai. I was in kuwait when i came to know about earth quake. I was trying trying & trying to call at home but number was busy. I was really much worried but after that i called my sister's house & then i came to know that sialkot is safe but the earthquake was horrible. I am thankful to ALLAH that my family is safe & i would like to wish that may EQ victims turn to the life so soon. GEO PHIR SE GEO
      It has been blogged at

    2. д§mд 103 months ago | reply

      It reminded me of this nazm by Allama Iqbal ... was searchin for it in my archives ...

      آہ١ یہ دنیا، یہ ماتم خانہِ برنا و پیر
      آدمی ہے کس طلسمِ دوش و فردا میں اسیر
      کتنی مشکل زندگی ہے! کس قدر آساں ہے موت
      گلشنِ ہستی میں مانند نسیمِ ارزاں ہے موت
      زلزلے ہیں، بجلیاں ہیں، قحط ہیں، آلام ہیں
      کیسی کیسی دخترانِ مادرِ ایام ہیں
      کلبہِ افلاس میں، دولت کے کاشانے میں موت
      دشت ودرمیں،شہر میں،گلشن میں،ویرانےمیں موت

      موت ہے ہنگامہ آرا قلزمِ خاموش میں
      ڈوب جاتے ہیں سفینے موج کی آغوش میں
      ختم ہو جائے گا لیکن امتحاں کا دور بھی
      ہیں پسِ نہ پردہِ گردوں ابھی دور اور بھی ہیں

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