London Wall
London Wall Walking Tour
(This is a summary of directions; details are included in the photo tour (view individually or as a slideshow. Select "Map" above to view the photos superimposed on a map of the area.)

1. The first plaque is just outside of Tower of London at the tunnel leading under Tower Hill Terrace. Go through the tunnel.
2. Outside of Tower tube stop is plaque 2. Continue N on Coopers Row to plaque 3.
3. Inside of the hotel courtyard on the right of the street. When finished continue up Coopers Row, turn Right on Crosswall, Left on Vine St.
4. Plaque 4 is missing, but should be on Vine St. Continue North on Vine St. and turn Right on India Street, Right at Jewry St. and cross the Aldgate.
5. Plaque 5 is at the corner of Aldgate and Duke's Place.
6. To reach plaque 6 go down into the pedestrian subway. Follow the signs to Exit 1.
7. Depart the subway at Exit 1 onto Duke's Place which becomes Bevis Marks. Plaque 7 is on the Left side of Bevis Marks near the Synagogue.
8. Plaque 8 is missing. From plaque 7 continue Northwest on Bevis Marks making a slight left onto Chamomile St. and a slight left onto Wormwood St. Plaque 8 should have been near Wormwood St. and Bishopsgate.
9. Plaque 9 is missing. Continue walking West on Wormwood Street which becomes London Wall.
10. Plaque 10 is also missing. There are mounting posts next to a church on the North side of London Wall between Broad Street and Blomfield St. that seem to correspond to the location of this plaque.
11. Continue East on London Wall. Plaque 11 is found on the Northeast corner of Moorgate and London Wall. Continue West on London Wall and go up the stairs at Fore St. to the Highwalk (St. Alphage Highwalk at this point) and continue along until St. Alphage Garden.
12. There are good views of wall from the Highwalk as you reach the garden. Descend the Highwalk at this St. Alphagh Garden. Plaque 12 is missing (it might be inside the garden, which was closed at the time of my visit).
13. Plaque 13 is at the Northeast corner of London Wall at Wood Street. Turn right at Wood St. through courtyard to the left and make a U turn into the church courtyard.
14. Plaque 14 is then found along the stream mounted on the safety railing.
15. Reverse your path back to Fore St., Right on Wood St. and Left on London Wall. Turn Right into the park area from London Wall. There's a large section of wall here. Plaque 15 is on the West Side of the last section of wall just before the stream and covered with vines. You can walk around the wall here to see the turret along the stream.
16. Walk back toward London Wall Street. On the East side of this wall section is an herb garden where plaque 16 should be, but is now missing. Continue West on London Wall.
17. Missing
18. Missing
19. Missing
20. Cross London Wall at Noble St. There's another large section of Wall along Noble St., these are well marked, but Plaque 20 is missing.
21. The final plaque is found by continuing South on Noble St., turning Right on Gresham St. and a Right on St. Martin's Le Grande. The last plaque is on the East side of St. Martin's Le Grande approaching Aldersgate.

Note: All GPS tracks associated with the pictures are approximate and were added to the photos in post-processing. Tour was photographed in May 2008.
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