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North Korean Tank with Manpad | by Eínon
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North Korean Tank with Manpad

Attention: I got this picture from a video of the latest Military Parade in North Korea. Therefore it´s not mine.


One year ago, I saw the picture above of the North Korean Pokpung-Ho IV tank, which was a huge surprise to me. This tank (a modified T-62 chassis with parts from the old T-72 and a few other vehicles) carries on the roof two AT-5 Spandrel and one Sa-16 Manpad (also known as 9K38 Igla).


The idea of the short range Manpad instead of the common 12,7mm heavy machine gun (the vehicle also carries a KPVT 14,5mm heavy machine gun) offers a series of advantages. Today´s battlefield is quite different compared to the Cold War, with thousands of UCAVs and gunships flying at distance and firing long-range anti-tank missiles against our tanks. For defense against this threat, the simple machine gun is just an anachronism.


That’s why I mount a short-range missile on almost all the vehicles that I made. It provides superior defense at a lower cost.


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Taken on February 2, 2015