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I Spy a Kitty (see description for clues) | by eilonwy77
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I Spy a Kitty (see description for clues)

I spy a sponge and a carton of juice,

A fairy's wings and a moose on the loose;

A surfboard, two radios, and notes from a lab,

A monkey, a turtle, a clam and two crabs.


I spy a skeleton missing his head,

A hot dog, a hook, and a quiver that's red;

A lizard man's face, a horse and two drills,

A sea monster's hair and two hundred dollar bills.


I spy a beard and two topless carrots,

A chicken, an arrow, and a couple of parrots;

A scorpion, an owl, a map and a sun,

Both Start and a Finish, and now the game's done.



My first I Spy photo is here.


PS 1: I made this for my kids, and spent way too much time on it. I've decided it's good enough for them, so I'm going to stop moving all the little pieces around endlessly, trying to make the spaces all even. It's actually a whole lot like working with cheese slopes...


PS 2: There are actually four kitties, but I didn't think they were all obvious in the picture. This picture was larger than the last, so it was harder to see all the details on the objects. It was a different experience working at this scale.


PS 3: Credit to Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo for the I Spy idea. My kids still love the books.


PS 4: I re-did the face many times. At first I used white objects, but they really obscured the simple features of the face -- which are the eyes and nose -- no mouth. The tiles really helped it to look more recognizable.

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Taken on June 22, 2013