• The only 'bad' part. The other gaps are small enough to get away with - though doubtless not for you! :-) - Chris Hester

Cool but ugly redux

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No tan strip this time; I wondered what it would look like without. Now I think I'll print it and start coloring the white parts with different ideas.... and maybe even the black. I need a mosaic for brickcon.... what kind of self-respecting mosaic-maker would I be if I only went with space stuff and a rainbow?

PS. Gaps not all properly fixed yet; that will be done after all the color has been applied.

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  1. Nemowerty 43 months ago | reply

    it looks so much cooler in the thumbnail >.>

  2. Todd Wilder 43 months ago | reply

    This is groovy.

  3. =DoNe= 43 months ago | reply

    How in the name of the holy god is this possible?????

  4. Scruffy Mynxbane 43 months ago | reply

    hmm, i see the pack ice and the cheese slopes are breaking up... another victim of global alarming.

  5. Tobias Buckdahn | Brickup.de 43 months ago | reply

    Cool thumbnail, nice mosaik - I like it, although you called it ugly ;-)

  6. eilonwy77 43 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the comments, fellow flickrinos. ;-)

    Well, it's a re-do of one that I called ugly because of the tan color strip. This isn't as ugly, but also maybe not as cool. Maybe.

    I got a message just the other day telling me I did it all through witchcraft. So, there ya go.

    Oh, my poor breaking up cheese slopes. If they all melted, I'd have to go back to headlight bricks and slopes with actual studs on them.... it'd be a tragedy of epic proportions. ;-)

    You're right... the thumbnail really emphasizes the black. I was thinking about filling the white edges in with a continuation of the pattern, but in varying shades of grey, to try to continue the idea of it lightening on a gradient.

  7. eilonwy77 43 months ago | reply

    Will I mortally embarass myself if I do? I was thinking about filling out a MOC card and in the description writing, "This is my first spaceship. Please don't laugh." But if I get the TR go-ahead, then I will definitely take it. ;-)

    Color! Yessir! ;-)

    I could write you a very long essay on how one specific idea led to another, which led to another. I think I even remember the whole progression. But witchcraft is probably the easier response. At least I was assured it was witchcraft of the good, Hogwarts-like kind. ;-)

  8. Scruffy Mynxbane 43 months ago | reply

    yeah, what'll the duplo polar bears hunt on if that happens?? Save the duplo bears!

  9. .Tromas 43 months ago | reply

    I wholeheartedly give you the go-ahead...no chance of embarassment...well at least not THAT big of chance :)

  10. eilonwy77 43 months ago | reply

    Oh, gee, thanks. Now I'm going to feel SO much more confident. I just hope no one will know it's mine. Without cheese slopes and patterns, no one will ever suspect! ;-D


    Though DUPLO polar bears do have to go through extraordinary lengths to keep warm... maybe they wouldn't mind a little global warming:

  11. Angeli ¥ 43 months ago | reply

    I must say, I am seeing paterns made from lego that I would never think that they could be made from bricks. Bravo, Katy :)

  12. GreenMoogle 42 months ago | reply

    Wow this is nice!

  13. eilonwy77 42 months ago | reply

    Thanks, you guys. ;-)

  14. eilonwy77 38 months ago | reply

    That's a neat image; thank you for sharing it. It does seem to have a similar composition.

  15. LEGOFIIR 38 months ago | reply

    Somehow reminds me of M.C. Escher...
    Awesome design, dood!

  16. .Tromas 38 months ago | reply

    You mean doodette!

  17. LEGOFIIR 38 months ago | reply

    If such a word even exists i will call her "doodette" next time. : )

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