• I love the 1x1 round repetition (on the raised level too) - Shadow Viking
  • This decorated stand is neat! - Shadow Viking
  • These look brilliant here! - Shadow Viking
  • The big one may be the star of the show, but these are pretty bright themselves ;-) - Shadow Viking
  • If only this could have the gold trim... :) - eldeeem
  • Upside-down flower for the win! ;-)
  • You and my mother both. ;-)
  • Do you see my LEGO tree collection out the windows?
  • I did actually, it makes for a lovely backdrop :D - Shadow Viking
  • So many of these! - Chris Hester
  • That's my Taj Mahal stash. I got the Taj Mahal about a year ago and it really jump-started my collection of white. ;-)
  • Thought you 'd ordered them specially! :-} - Chris Hester
  • Oh no. They were a totally last-minute addition, put in just for the sake of hoping the top of the photograph wouldn't be too boring.

Grand Staircase (different angle)

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A staircase in the Queen's Palace. That monarch sure loves mosaics.

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  1. eilonwy77 48 months ago | reply

    Book of Three? Up in the house?? Yay!! ;-)

    This balance of details and cleanliness and business... I hate to say it, but it sure boils down to seeming a lot like... um... dare I say... artistic decision-making. ;-)

    Excellent. ;-)

  2. EyalR 47 months ago | reply

    Wow! this is truly amazing and exquisite!

  3. eilonwy77 47 months ago | reply

    Thank you! ;-)

  4. Vasilije Injac 46 months ago | reply

    i think that this could be a perfect roman army moc.You should get some brickforge roman soldiers.

  5. hrcywindu 46 months ago | reply

    It's huge and really cool! Great job!

  6. eilonwy77 46 months ago | reply

    Thank you! Alas, it is too late for Roman soldiers, as this has already been demolished, and with great gusto, I might add. ;-)

    Thank you! ;-)

  7. Sabby M. [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

    That is incredible!

  8. eilonwy77 45 months ago | reply

    Thank you both! ;-)

  9. Benny Brickster 45 months ago | reply

    The cheese... its melting my face off.

  10. eilonwy77 45 months ago | reply

    Good thing you have that spiffy mask/helmet thingamajig to cover up the facemelt. ;-)

  11. Benny Brickster 45 months ago | reply

    seriously though, this work is brilliant!

  12. 0therworld [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

    Wowowow this is cheese slope ART! I'd feel like building up some royal minifigs and making a little brickfilm :3

  13. eilonwy77 44 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys. ;-)

  14. full of bricks 42 months ago | reply

    AWESOME! this is incredible, how long did it take you??

  15. eilonwy77 41 months ago | reply

    Hi! Sorry I was slow in my response; I've been a bit disconnected lately. Anyway, thank you for your nice comment. If I recall correctly, it took about two months of playing to come up with the floor. I just kept experimenting and changing it to see what I could get to look nice. The rest of it took two weeks or so. But I'd been practicing different techniques for several months before ever even beginning on this.

  16. 16mwe 38 months ago | reply

    um, well what can i say...

  17. Pedro_H. 33 months ago | reply

    Really amazing!

  18. f_Random 30 months ago | reply

    Thats's truly amazing!
    I'm speechless

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