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Hvassi, 5-mannafar gentur, Jóansøka 2011 - Winners | by Eileen Sandá
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Hvassi, 5-mannafar gentur, Jóansøka 2011 - Winners

These girls won this boat race (this is just afer the race, that is why they look so happy). One month later, they became Faroese champions for the girls category in the boat size 5-mannafør (girls are only rowing in this boat type, women are also rowing in 6-mannafør, men are rowing in 6-mannafør, 8-mannafør and 10-mannafør). Boys between 15 and 17 are also rowing in 5-mannafør, we have also competitions for children, they too are rowing in the smallest boat size 5-mannafør, but they need to a an adult coxswain with them.


Info about the Faroese "Kappróður" - Boat Races and the Festivals

There are 7 festivals with boat races in Faroese wooden rowing boats held around the islands from early June until the final boat race (kappróður) at Ólavsøka (Olavsoka Ewe), the national holiday, in Tórshavn on 28 July. The children under 15 are rowing 500 meters, young rowers between 15 and 18 are rowing 100 meters in 5-mannafør (boys and girls, not mixed, only the coxswain can be of the other sex). Adult women (over 18) are rowing in 5-mannafør, but also in 6-mannafør. Adult men (over 18) are rowing in three boat types and lenghts: 6-mannafør which row a 1000 meter race (6 rowers), 8-mannafør which row 1500 meters and 10-mannafør which are rowing 2000 meters (except for in some places where the fjord is not long enough, i.e. in Tórshavn, no boat race can be longer than 1000 meters). Some of the festivals vary or change between neighbour villages, but the first festival, Norðoyastevna, is always in Klaksvík and Ólavsøka is always in Tórshavn. The boat race in Tórshavn is always at the Ewe of Ólavsøka, which is on 28 July. The other boat races are always held on Saturdays.


Results from the boat races (kappróður) at Jóansøka 2011 on


Faroese "Kappróður" photos on Commons Wikimedia

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