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The Viking Grave of Chief Havgrímur, Hov, Suðuroy, Faroe Islands - Havgríms Grøv

Hov is a village on the island Suðuroy (South Island), which is the southernmost island in the Faroe Islands. The population is around 100. Hov is located on the east coast of Suðuroy, north of Porkeri and south of Øravík. There is a road tunnel which connects Hov with Øravík, it opened in 2007. This photo is taken Undir Homrum, between the Hovegg road and the village. Hovsegg is the old road between Hov and Øravík. Beside the road in some places, just before the road goes around the mountain, there are columnar basalt formations, they are not like the ones in Froðba, these are different. I will upload some photos of them too. Hov is the only village in Suðuroy which has a Viking Grave. The Viking Chief Hovgrímur lived here in the Viking Ages around year 1000. The grave was opened in 1834, but it was not a succes. The people who live in Hov say that they have always heard about where the grave was. There are two bunches of rocks, one of them is the grave of Hovgrímur and one of them is the grave of his horse.,_Faroe_Islands

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Taken on June 19, 2010