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Near the glass... or meeting of the riders.

Not so many days left up to New Year Eve but not everybody has a holiday mood... Life always has two sides: light and dark. One person is running through life like a “rider of success”, another one is getting deeper and deeper in his depression without any hope on the best...

I saw that disabled man sitting near the magically decorated window of one from the most expensive stores on 5th avenue. Behind that window was beautiful lady riding on a magical horse symbolizing wealth and beauty - rider of success... My hero was in front of the glass, in real life. He was also a rider, but his “horse” was not magical, it was old weal chair, a “gift” from the country he fought for years ago...

He received also another “gift” - artificial legs... instead his own which he lost on battle fields, maybe located pretty far from the place he was born. I’m not sure that country paid him enough for everything he has done that’s why he is sitting here now and asking for our attention and a few dollars which will help him, like us, meet New (and happy) Year. And finally... when you have a happy hours, stop to celebrate and look around... may be you see that somebody needs your help...


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Taken on December 2, 2011