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Queen... or when dreams come true.

Queen (noun).


1. the wife of a king.


2. a woman who rules over a monarchy

in her own right; female sovereign.


3. a playing card.


4. the most powerful figure

in chess.


5. the fertile female in a colony of social bees, ants, or termites.


From the history we know the names of many great queens, their life and deals, their love and death... But my story is not about them, even not about the roles of the great women in a history of British Kingdom, not about Elizabeth I or Victoria... It’s about simple woman from New York.

I guess in her childhood she like many other girls had a dream : to be a Princess, after becoming young adult she probably figured out herself like Duchess from the royal court because she was surrounded by many men which were ready to put all the World to her feet... but it was only dream.

But... sometimes it’s happening... sometimes dreams come true, and now she is real QUEEN... Queen of Yearly Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, here in New York... Now this old lady is a real Queen and all people around called her Your Royal Highness... But this fairy tale will be ended already next day and her husband, who’s proud to be King today will call her Liz or Mary, and her grandchildren will call her just Grandma...


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Taken on September 2, 2010