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Somebody says that graffiti is vandalism, others say that this is art...

"Basically, when I look around, I see us living in a modern day Babylon, full of temptation, sin, distraction, corruption, injustice, and misguided fools being mentally enslaved. It seems to me the only way to wake people up from this kind of numbness is to destroy what they know: Their business, their places of commerce and their biggest place of gathering, the cities! Put it on their trains, on the lines they take to work, on their rooftops, on their highways, on anything just to make some people realize that culture isn't lost and that, at the very least, a small group of kids is fighting to keep it alive..." it’s what one young writer says when described his reasons for creating graffiti.


The word GRAFFITI simply means--words or drawings scratched or scribbled on a wall. The word comes from Italy and the word "graffiti" itself is plural of the Italian word "graffito."


Art in the form of graffiti (graffiti by style and considered so only if it appears on public or private property without permission) originated in the late 1960s, but graffiti in term of public and unsolicited markings has been around for ever. Some say it represents man's desire and need for communication, and the history of this type of communication dates back to one of the first communicative acts--drawing.


So... modern graffiti appears first time in New York in late 60s but now it occupied all the world and you can meet it everywhere, including Barcelona... I agree, in many cases graffiti damaging great image of the city but be honest to yourself - sometimes it looks pretty nice, especially on pictures...


Now is the question... If you’ve been in Barcelona, did you leave your signature on this GUEST... DOOR? If not, don’t worry, in some time it will be pretty clean, new-painted and ready for next writer, including you.


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