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12/52 | Darthvader

52 Weeks of Star Wars is a weekly photo project starring various characters from the Star Wars franchise. This photo project is a continuation of sorts to my original series; 365 Days of Clones, specially my Cloned Photos mini-series.


Today marks the twelfth creation in another year long adventure. As the title suggests; 52 Weeks of Star Wars, one new photo will be taken, edited and added to the running total every Sunday. The twist is that all the images will be a recreation of sorts of a previous image. Some; like today, will be a recreation from a movie poster, while others will be recreations of famous images of the 20th century or album covers. There may even be the odd recreation of a painting!


“Darthvader” is my recreation of the infamous "Scarface" movie poster. Scarface is a 1983 American crime film staring Tony Montana. It is a contemporary remake of the original 1932 film with the same name.


Some of you may be wondering why I chose to create a Cloned Photo based upon Scarface. The simplest answer is that both films’ protagonist; Montana and Skywalker, were easily corrupted, one to the wrong side of the law and the other to the Dark Side. I also liked the physical connection of both of these characters; both Montana and Skywalker have a large scar across their face. The fact that the poster was also divided into black and white also played well with the Dark and Light Sides of the Force.




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Taken on March 25, 2012