9/52 | Rebel Alliance

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    52 Weeks of Star Wars is a weekly photo project starring various characters from the Star Wars franchise. This photo project is a continuation of sorts to my original series; 365 Days of Clones, specially my Cloned Photos mini-series.

    Today marks the ninth creation in this year long adventure. As the title suggests; 52 Weeks of Star Wars, one new photo will be taken, edited and added to the running total every Sunday. The twist is that all the images will be a recreation of sorts of a previous image. Some; like today, will be a recreation from a movie poster, while others will be recreations of famous images of the 20th century or album covers. There may even be the odd recreation of a painting!

    “Rebel Alliance” is my recreation of Quentin Tarantino’s epic "Reservoir Dogs" movie poster. Reservoir Dogs was originally released on October 23, 1992 and tells of a mixed up and backwards account of a diamond heist gone terribly wrong.

    Some of you may be wondering why I chose to create a Cloned Photo based upon Reservoir Dogs. Although the plots of the various Star Wars films are not that similar to Reservoir Dogs, the characters do have some uncanny similarities. Mr. White (Obi-Wan Kenobi) is very much a father figure to the group of misfits. Mr. Blonde (Han Solo) is the cool, witty one in the group. Mr. Orange (Luke Skywalker) is the child of the group, naive and oblivious to everything that is going on. Mr. Brown (See Threepio) is the annoying and opinionated character and finally Mr. Pink (Chewbacca) is extremely street-smart. (I should mention that each of theses characters also some some other attributes that I have decided not to discuss).


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    1. egerbver 26 months ago | reply

      Original Reservoir Dogs Poster

      Flash above @ 1/2 power in Ezybox. Flash controlled using Pocket Wizards.

    2. The Quiet Poet 26 months ago | reply

      Excellent. Well Done.

    3. Chaos2k 26 months ago | reply

      great work

    4. microdory 26 months ago | reply

      I loved this movie! Amazing work! :o)

    5. Roser <needsmorecaffeine> 26 months ago | reply

      I'm not going to miss this one!! Not, wait... I have already seen it!!

    6. fede1845 26 months ago | reply

      very well executed

    7. Alex E. Proimos 26 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot. Well done!

      Here is a photo I took in Peru this week. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Alex
      ...Just a Little Girl, Lost in the Moment

    8. egerbver 25 months ago | reply

      I'm a little behind in my comments...sorry everyone
      Thank you so much!
      Thanks Brian!
      It's a great one!
      Thanks Andreas!
      Thank you fede!
      Thanks Alex...looking good!

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