226/365 | The Cloned Kiss

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    The Kiss; taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt at the Victory over Japan parade in New York City, is likely one of the most well known images from the first half of the 20th century. This image has been recreated and replicated hundreds of times since it was originally taken and now it has been Cloned!

    Our Troopers and Boba hope that they have done the work of Eisenstaedt justice


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    1. Photo--Graphy [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      Jooooooli !!!

    2. The Artfuldodger 44 months ago | reply

      Very cool, any chance of a Han/Leia alternative?

    3. Maddogjr [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      HaHa, great shot! =D

    4. ₮J 44 months ago | reply

      A clone kissing a Stormtrooper?


    5. egerbver 44 months ago | reply

      Thank you!
      Many thanks!
      Good idea, but unfortunately not :o( I don't have a good Leia to use.
      =] Thank you sir!
      Technically the female is Jes Gistang from the Joker Squad, but I have switched her head with a Clone Trooper helmet :o)

    6. louisa827 44 months ago | reply

      OH I love this!! Great work!

    7. Grant is a Grant 44 months ago | reply

      Hahaha, brilliant.

    8. NeferMerit 44 months ago | reply

      Me encanta... como siempre...

    9. egerbver 44 months ago | reply

      Thanks zilladon!
      Many thanks!
      Thanks again louisa!
      hehehehe...glad you enjoyed the shot!
      Thank you Scott!
      Gracias por el comentario (apologizes if the grammar is incorrect, my Spanish is a little rusty!)

    10. onehappydawg 43 months ago | reply

      Just looking through some of your other photo's. I have to say you truly have a gift.

    11. egerbver 43 months ago | reply

      Very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

    12. Roser <needsmorecaffeine> 43 months ago | reply

      Hahaha! I issed this one! So sweet!

    13. egerbver 43 months ago | reply

      issed? I think I am confused.

    14. Mark Bieraugel aka filmresearch 33 months ago | reply

      Thank you for creating this recreation.

    15. BillReed1 33 months ago | reply

      Even in the Galactic Empire..."Dont ask, dont tell..." Well done! :-)

    16. egerbver 33 months ago | reply

      No problem, it was a fun one to make.

    17. Darth Magnetus 11 months ago | reply

      simplemente genial!

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