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    A Volunteer at Exchange 35. Hood to Coast Relay. Oregon.

    Lots of thing go into the making of each year's Hood to Coast Relay. Starting with the H2C Office and the cooperation they manage to get with dozens of communities, organizations, and officials. There are, of course the runners, and in some cases, drivers for team vans. Yet, without the army of cheerful volunteers announcing team numbers at exchanges, telling vans and runners where the course is, making sure that rules are followed, participants are safe, and hundreds of more chores, Hood to Coast would not exist. I am completely grateful to them every time I participate in this event in one form or another.

    I am thrilled that this shot has been used at the Hood to Coast Relay website! Thank you, H2C!

    1. camillesau 56 months ago | reply

      I like the framing on this and that you caught her speaking. Your last few photos make my head spin. You're that good.

    2. egazelle 56 months ago | reply

      And you're too kind! Thank you, Camille! I took several of her, but this one was the best action shot. I was somewhat forced to frame it like this: there was an ugly golf cart right in front of her megaphone.

    3. rosy outlook photography 56 months ago | reply

      So glad we met in cyberspace.
      Hope this year is one of your best yet.
      Thanks for your friendship and your generous support when shooting photos was just a dream... you were such an inspiration to me!

      This one's for you...
      hope you like it! xx

    4. janevictoriaphotos 56 months ago | reply

      Happy,Happy Birthday,Peter!
      And yes,Rosy is right:I too am very happy we met in this virtual flickrworld.
      Have a lovely time,
      jane x

    5. camillesau 56 months ago | reply

      Isn't it funny how something like an ugly golf cart makes you do something wonderful with a photo?

      And your friend Rosy gave me a head's up that it's your birthday today! I'm grateful to her, because I want to send my best wishes to you, Peter. You've been a joy to get to know, and I've loved seeing your work. You astonish me. All the time. =}

    6. egazelle 56 months ago | reply

      Jane - thank you so much for the birthday wishes, and for being here to be my friend and support me. As for a lovely time, we are in Hawaii doing our best!!!

      Camille - So true. Sometimes a misplaced cart or weird orange pylon can make for fun editing adventures. I am glad this one worked out and that you like it. Thanks too for the b-day wishes! And thanks very much for the kind words and for being here!

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