• content is maintained via, and stored in, a moinmoin instance.

    a hook saves a rendered XHTML version of each page to disk, when the page is updated
  • online.effbot.org/2006_01_01_archive.htm#20060129

    a django frontend is used to generate rendered HTML pages from the moinmon XHTML. caching is used to cut down rendering cpu.
  • online.effbot.org/2006_01_01_archive.htm#20060122

    existing content in HT format is converted to XHTML. HT and REST sources are adapted to a wiki-compatible page identification model.

moinmoin+django=python.org ?

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In this design, a MoinMoin instance is used to maintain the site, and a simple Django application is used to render output.

A live demo can be found here: pydotorg.dyndns.org:8000/

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  1. effbot.org 112 months ago | reply

    This is up and running on my machine. Many thanks to the MoinMoin and Django teams! (extra thanks to Nir and Adrian)

  2. jmason 111 months ago | reply

    wow, that looks like a lot of work. Any reason you couldn't just use an upfront mod_proxy cache in front of Moin Moin like we do at the ASF for wiki.apache.org ?

  3. effbot.org 111 months ago | reply

    It's very little work, in fact; the current demo consists of about around 500 lines of code for the converters, and less than 200 lines for the render layer (see the link above for a live demo).

    As I've mentioned elsewhere, my original idea was to run MoinMoin as is, render to static HTML files, and let Apache handle the rest. But dynamic rendering has lots of advantages, especially if you take the docs.python.org part of the site into account.

  4. jmason 111 months ago | reply

    good point about docs.python.org.

    fwiw, I'm in a similar situation thinking about spamassassin.apache.org/ -- we have a little bit of vestigial static content there, but most of the site is in our Moin wiki nowadays. We've found that wiki-editing is just a better UI for editors, for pretty much any site (apart maybe from very design-heavy sites).

    We had a massive improvement in the web-site and documentation sides of our project, coming entirely from wikifying it using Moin.

    one thing: I haven't *quite* made up my mind, yet, about the pros/cons of presenting more of the Moin interface on pages like the front page. On one hand, it adds clutter and some users could find it confusing; on the other, some of the features it offers (like search, RecentChanges, FindPage) are cool and should be standard on every site I think.

  5. macdet 83 months ago | reply

    i love both. for my mobbing-portal this is an perfect solution.

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