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The isolation of Japanese youth


Last week's Akihabara stabbing spree has shocked Japan and the world. A 25-year-old emotionally/mentally-disturbed man, Tomohiro Kato, plowed into shoppers with a truck and then stabbed people and killing at least seven of them. With the rising incidents of such case, social conservative groups are blaming the promotion of individualism in Japan.


I read one article which tackles why such crime happens in a low-crime rate Japan, and how it affects the youth.


The aim of people like Kato "is to make as big an impact as possible," said Nobuo Komiya, a professor of criminology at Rissho University in Tokyo. "They see famous places like Akihabara as a stage, and themselves as the protagonist. It's their way of breaking out of their isolation and getting society's attention. The worst thing is that, in their eyes, they are doing nothing wrong."


Read full article here.


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