Benny Carter - American Jazz Orchestra - Rehearsal
In 1987, Benny Carter collaborated with the American Jazz Orchestra for a Feb. 26 concert at Cooper Union in NYC, and a recording for MusicMasters (Central City Sketches) at Clinton Studios in New York, March 1-2. The Orchestra was founded by Gary Giddins (Artistic Director) and John Lewis (Musical Director). These photos were taken at the rehearsals leading up to the concert. See the recording session photos here:

The AJO Orchestra members:

Trumpets: John Eckert, Virgil Jones, Bob Millikan, Marvin Stamm
Trombones: Eddie Bert. Jack Jeffers, Jimmy Knepper, Britt Woodman
Saxophones: Bill Easley, John Purcell (altos); Loren Schoenberg, Lew Tabackin (tenors); Danny Bank (baritone)
Piano: Dick Katz, John Lewis
Guitar: Remo Palmier
Bass: Ron Carter
Drums: Mel Lewis
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