Newer photos are from a tour with Airship Ventures (I'm on the board) around the Bay Area in mid-August. Please tag what you recognize!

Thanks to Airship Management Services! We left from Floyd Bennett Field (following the lead of Amelia Earhart among others), but it’s a bit remote and you can get delayed by traffic on the two ground routes - either Flatbush Avenue or the Belt Parkway (as my co-pilot on a United Airlines flight did this morning, FWIW).

The trip was absolutely stunning: Our flight the day before was canceled because of weather – not rain, but the winds that accompanied the front that came in and cleared out the rain. So we got an absolutely stunning view from about 3000 feet up, sailing serenely with the windows wide open. I clung tightly to my camera but I completely forgot about the glasses perched on my head and got to watch them fly away – fortunately they were dense enough to fall rather than get sucked into the propeller.

We traveled around the edges of the city (on a route controlled by the ATC at LGA, JFK and EWR) and circled the Statue of Liberty.

Further disclosure: I am involved with another similar venture, Airship Ventures, which is not yet operating.

More soon on my HuffPo blog.
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