miraculous carrot scrapr

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    it also shaves cheese and peels asparagus, and the blade nevr dulls. Union Square, New York City

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    1. vhd ages ago | reply

      Good: no motr no wres.
      Back to natre and eating carrts.
      Hope the peals end in a compost statn.

    2. JulianBleecker ages ago | reply

      Oh my god! That guy. He's the most pervasive street salesman in NYC. I remember this guy — when I saw him, he was selling children's books in the Fiancial District. And he was an exceptionally polished, articulate salesman. He reminded me of Peter O'Toole or Richard Harris or someone like that.

    3. Esthr ages ago | reply

      yes, Dickensian somehow. he has a British accent and a certain sly humr. (you can't tell whethr I left out "o" or "ou.")

    4. vhd ages ago | reply

      Only in NYC...
      Nostalgia--was he around in 63-64 ?

    5. Pastor Mia ages ago | reply

      Yes, but does it core eyes out of potatoes?

    6. miketippett ages ago | reply

      "It peels overhanded, even underhanded - like a politician!"

      I can't believe you scooped me on this guy. I saw him on 32nd the other day but batteries were running low.

    7. bryan campen ages ago | reply

      Yes Pastor Mia! It indeed does core eyes out of potatoes! I just read the vf article on him, and supposedly he pitched this fact to his wife on their first date. *That* is commitment.
      I guess he learned this during the London bombings. He says there are two types of guys who sold, and he fell in with the upper crust that always wear the nice suits and a mustache or beard and consider this a profession.
      He has an apartment on Park Ave. Wild.

    8. Mark Griffith ages ago | reply

      Is he wearing gloves or are his hands just extremely white?

    9. Dave Landry ages ago | reply

      I bought a peeler from him a few years ago when he was on Wall St. It really is a good product. Somehow I lost it, but I haven't been able to buy another - I've only seen him since then here on Flickr.

    10. little shiva ages ago | reply

      Ohmigod, I remember this guy! I bought one of his carrot scrapers years ago when I lived in Manhattan. The thing worked, too!

    11. juiceboxgasoline ages ago | reply

      i remember him as well.
      it was odd, carrot scraps all over the ground. but we bought a scraper. and yes it worked.
      i think i have a picture of him as well..

    12. ProSam ages ago | reply

      Hey Mark, go to the all sizes page and you will see he's wearing latex gloves.

    13. pyota ages ago | reply

      i've bought one of his excellent peelers before. i've also seen him selling childrens books in midtown.

    14. krekro ages ago | reply

      nice shot

    15. El Payo 94 months ago | reply

      Joe passed away on February 1st, 2009 at the age of 75.

    16. Dave Landry 64 months ago | reply

      RIP Joe.
      He was one of the most flamboyant street vendors I ever saw and he carried a great air of sophistication about grace with him. I will not forget him!

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