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trifecta | by Esthr
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the photo (thanks, Sasha Lavrov) shows me putting on the space suit while wearing the gas mask. Part one of the trifecta was walking through the snow while wearing the gas mask, to move from the space station mock-=up in building KTOK, to the Soyuz mockup in building 1. We had a fire in the space station that we couldn't extinguish, so we had to hurry into the Soyuz to make an emergency descent back to earth. Once in the SOyuz, I had to remove the gas mask and close my space suit and check it for hermetic integrity. After that, I stayed hermetically sealed and breathed pure exhaust created a fire hazard when the oxygen concentration reached 40 percent, so at that point we depressurized the descent capsule..... We landed safely!

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Taken on February 25, 2009