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    Remember what happens to the Astronaut's head in low pressure in Outland... - jurvetson

the hypobaric chamber

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The first day, today for me, they put you into a pressure chamber and take it up to 5000m of pressure (about twice the altitude of Aspen, so I hoped I could ace it) and watch you for 30 minutes. They also put you in a bathrobe to keep warm - quite photogenic, eh? Underneath I'm full of wires.

The second day, they do it up to 10,000 meters...

photos courtesy of Marsel Gubaydullin

  1. jurvetson 79 months ago | reply

    awesome image.... and a fine confession:

    Underneath I'm full of wires.

    I always suspected that!

  2. vhd 79 months ago | reply

    It's getting more exiting. Is wire-less your next advance?

  3. Becka 79 months ago | reply

    You look like a kid in the candy store. And the blue becomes you!

  4. Esthr 79 months ago | reply

    Roupen -

    It turns out I'll be back in there tomorrow for the 10,000 meters, so I'll check. probably a micro-space alien.

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