Hypergonar lens (all sold)
These rare lenses were created by French astronomer Henri Chretien. He is the creator of the anamorphic process which was then patented by 20th Century Fox as 'Cinemascope.' These particular 'Hi Fi 2' models could be called the first generation anamorphic projection lenses and have hence been copied extensively by other companies.

I owned my first Hypergonar in 2009 and have learned to adapt it to DSLR filmmaking. The beauty of using these lenses is that it takes the 'edge' off HD video to give it a more film look. That said, it also focuses sharply. And also of course it produces a very unique and stunning anamorphic flare. The Hypergonar has a large front element and is not coated, therefore it is sensitive to light so it can flare more easily than most lenses. FACT!! Also bear in mind that the lens is 2x squeeze resulting in a very narrow image.. but this is Cinemascope widescreen! The most cinematic of all.. if you want those teeny bit of black bars on your video, that's 1.33x. But if you want that truly cinematic wide, you'd want at least 2x.

On my usual Canon 7D setup, the minimum focusing distance is about 12 feet. I think this would vary with different sensors and lenses.
The front threads are an odd size (about 83mm?). Rail systems users can figure out their own way.

Sample videos:
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