The Butterfly Effect, towards systematic evolution of favorable conditions.

The Butterfly Effect is a video performance by Edwin Stolk. The title refers to the chaos theory where the Butterfly Effect incorporates the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place (in a deterministic nonlinear system) can result in large differences to a later state.

The Butterfly Effect is made with a simple photo camera and smart phone by the performer himself. The location of the video is a shabby basement of the apartment block where he lives, build in the 70-ties. The camera follows his movements and records the rearrangement of collected everyday materials which inhabit the space; we hardly see the artist compared to his other video performances but witness his directed movements and choices.

As if he deliberately adds value to the everyday objects and presents them as a metaphor for something else. The camera addresses the political potential by showing the arrangement in combination with the suggestion of a dialogue through subtitles. Referring to the persuasive way contemporary media networks add value through specific forms of representation.

Stolk communicates through everyday objects as in this video, by placing and rearranging them in unfamiliar contexts and settings or in strange theatrical events. He questions the norm, its appearance and guiding rules.

This video was made by the artist after an intense period of negotiating with several authorities about the creation of participatory projects in public and semi public places. This political process was and is highly dominated by a conservative attitude. These experienced limitations had to be transformed in a visual experience where the available possibilities were leading, the body, the basement and the collected objects, documented by simple recording tools. The Butterfly Effect is about the possibilities of an individual in a controlled surrounding.

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