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Only The Strong Survive

After wasting the best part of two packs of b/w Fuji pack film in my new 350 Land Camera (see earlier photos for full story), Jacqui, Amy & I stopped by Drummer James' house on Saturday to say 'hi'. I was convinced I'd overcome my film loading issues and so confidently put some Fuji colour film in the camera. However, in my rush to get the film loaded and get in the car I forgot that I'd set the "75/3000" switch to "3000" while testing the loading process with a very expired pack of 107 film earlier in the day.


Anyway, back to James' house and, Milo, his 5 year old son was excited about me having brought a Polaroid and was buzzing around me trying to take pictures and get Sadie to pose for others. I was trying to oblige, but all of the photos came out brown. I couldn't get any detail on them at all. Then the loading problems recurred and I started getting flustered. There's nothing like a 5 year old to knock the "Yeah, I'm pretty good with cameras" out of you. I was sweating and I couldn't work out why the prints weren't working. After wasting 9 (count 'em!!!) exposures I gave up with one left in the camera. It was only as we left the house that I suddenly remembered I'd left the selector set to "3000". Doh! What an utter fool. While Jacqui was settling Amy in the car I got the camera out, re-set the selector to "75" and took this photo of the house we were parked by. Perfect. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I hate wasting film...esp expensive pack film and even though I got all of today's squandered film cheap on evilBay, it's still a shocking waste. Including the 80's vintage (i.e. never going to work in a million years) 107 film I went through 4 packs today and got 5 photos out of them. A success rate of 1-in-8. We're not even talking 'good' photos here either. Just photos that actually came out.


Like I mention elsewhere, the 350 is an excellent camera and I'll be persevering tomorrow with the few packs I have left from my recent evilBay purchases. Stand by for at least one good photo...maybe!

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Taken on October 1, 2005