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    Just a grab shot from an event I was shooting... ISO 4500, 1/20 sec exposure, f2 at 50mm. It was DARK! Think it came out great. The k-x with my 50mm 1.4 is just a little tiny joy! The sensor is just incredible in bad lighting....

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    1. kimdokhac 64 months ago | reply

      i like it !

    2. Mat_Zy 64 months ago | reply

      Great shot in that light, i'm really liking the kx!

    3. Jenna Alive 64 months ago | reply

      Yet another example of why I keep fighting for this lens on ebay. My k-x comes in tomorrow... I'm so excited!

    4. edwaring 64 months ago | reply

      It's a great little lens Jenna... Was lucky enough to pick it up back in the day when Pentax lens prices were super good value. It is worth it though! The k-x is a gem. Am totally loving it.... Photographically I live in low low light a lot of the time and suddenly being able to treat ISO 4500 as my norm is absolutely freaking amazing. You'll love it! I think it may be the bestest bargain in photography at the mo...

    5. Jenna Alive 64 months ago | reply

      Yeah, it's definitely no longer bargain priced, but I want it SO bad. Between the fast lens and the ISO performance on this camera, you can't go wrong!

      The 50mm may just end up having to be my Christmas present to myself (that maybe I'll will pay off a few months after Christmas, hahah).

    6. Elaine ! 62 months ago | reply

      oh wow that's great, isn't the 50mm expensive to go with the pentax k-x? i'll look into it more, thanks so much for pointing this out to me!!!

    7. Jenna Alive 62 months ago | reply

      It's around $329, so yeah, not cheap. You can find sites that claim to sell it for a lot cheaper, but then you order it and then they tell you it's on backorder, with no indication of when it'll come in. There are a lot of shady photo sellers, unfortunately.

      I ended up getting mine from Amazon. I was able to cash out reward points on a credit card and get it for around half price, which was nice!

    8. edwaring 62 months ago | reply

      It's not as cheap as it was but it is a stunning lens and still worth it imho... after a couple of years you'll have forgotten the cost and just have the photos. Check secondhand as well... they come up at keh or the Pentax forums classifieds every now and again.

    9. Jenna Alive 62 months ago | reply

      I'll second the sentiment that it's worth every penny.

    10. utski7 58 months ago | reply

      I am looking at the K-x and the K-7 trying to figure out if the K-7 is worth the extra $$ for a cashual amateur hobbyist.

    11. edwaring 58 months ago | reply

      @utski7 I'd say not... the k-x is a stunning little camera especially in th states where it's super cheap at the mo. I'd totally recommend getting the k-x 2 lens kit (18-55 and 50-300) and spending the money you save on better lenses like a 50mm or a Tamron 2.8 zoom or even something more interesting. The k-7 is a great camera but if you don't need the build and weatherproofing, if the super quiet shutter isn't going to make a difference, if you're not going to really notice the better viewfinder then the k-x will do you proud.

      Basically if you're just working out what you like about photography the k-x will let you do that in grand style and let you some things (high iso esp) BETTER than the k-7. I'm doing 70% of my paid work using the k-x and if I do upgrade it won't be based on image quality... Imho it is a pro camera in a hobbyist body. I've always loved Pentax in that they don't really cripple their 'starter' cameras in the way that Canikon do. I could quite happily do ANY of my paid work with the k-x and do. Very recommended by me....

    12. T/Photography 57 months ago | reply

      Wow, more reasons to get this camera. I currently shoot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ28, I do love it but I can't go above ISO 200 without noise; I can't wait until I get the K-x.

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