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Examples of artistic still life photos of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper bullion bar & coin and jewellery photos taken by Edward Olive bullion & jewelry corporate advertising photographer for Precious Metals Insights Limited and professional business portraits of Philip Klapwijk Manging Director.

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Edward Olive Professional precious metals photographer
Photography studio in Madrid Spain. Services worldwide.
Artistic photorgaphy of gold, silver. platinum & palladium.

Fotografia artistica comercial de metales preciosos
Edward Olive Fotógrafo profesional de metales preciosos
Estudio fotográfico en Madrid España
Fotografía artística corporativa de oro, plata, platino, paladio y cobre. Lingotes y monedas.

Edward Olive era fotografo de portadas de GFMS Gold Survey y GFMS Platinum & Palladium Survey. Edward Olive realizó fotografias artisticas para Gfms (Thomson Reuters) Gold Surveys anuales y Platinum PGMs Palladium Surveys anuales. Ahora Edward produce fotografia de metales preciosos, oro, plata, platino, paladio, lingotes y monedas para Precious Metals Insights Limited consutores en metales preciosos de Hong .

Examples of image of precious metals photography shot in the studio by Edward Olive photographer. Artistic, different, creative pictures of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper bullion & jewelry. Artistic precious metals advertising, corporate & commercial bullion & jewellery images.

Edward Olive was previously photographer for the GFMS Gold Survey and GFMS Platinum & Palladium Survey. He produced specialized precious metals and bullion macro close-up studio photography for the Gfms (Thomson Reuters) Annual Gold Surveys and Annual Platinum PGMs Palladium Surveys. Edward Olive now produces all corporate photography for Precious Metals Insights Limited, Hong Kong based precious metals consultants.
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