Yahoo Times Square ad in Google Maps

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    One of the things the Google ubiquitous neighborhood spycam caught was a Yahoo ad in Times Square.

    1. Jim Rees 95 months ago | reply

      Street View looks like it could be a cool feature but one thing bothers me. So far Google has been very good about sticking to W3C standards and making sure their web apps work in all the major browsers. But Street View is not a web app, it's a Flash app. Flash is not a web standard, it's a secret proprietary app that only runs on a couple of platforms.

    2. enochchoi 95 months ago | reply

      and no urls for a permalink to the view you've panned to. ugh.

    3. farlane 93 months ago | reply

      Is there a non-proprietary, all platform technology currently available that can do this? My hunch is there is not.

      When you realize that companies like Microsoft are working on amazing (and proprietary) stuff like this thing that you have to check out if you're a computer user (which they plan to use for things like "Photo Tourism") I think you have to understand that a business like Google can't afford to hang everything on open standards.

      I have no doubt that when open software is available that allows what Flash allows, google will be on it like Yahoo on unsold ad real estate.

    4. Jim Rees 93 months ago | reply

      Everything you say is true, but it still bothers me. At least Flash is available for the major platforms, now that Flash 9 for linux is finally out. Microsoft "standards" tend to only work on Windows, or work best on Windows, and maybe Mac. Flash even works on my Wii.

      There was an open standard Flash replacement (SVG?) but I don't think it's complete or widely implemented.

      Since I can't see the Photosynth video I'll have to take your word for it that it's amazing.

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