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Security Wall almost complete!

Thanks to Lillian Chuo for the use of photos.


The January 2010 earthquake not only destroyed many schools but also robbed many parents of their livelihoods, leaving them without the means to pay school fees. In Haiti, very few schools are free, meaning that if a family cannot afford to pay their child’s tuition, that child is very unlikely to receive any education.


As a result, children of poverty-stricken parents have very little opportunity to improve their situation. Without schooling, these children often find themselves constrained to the same precarious life as their parents.


Education breaks this cycle of poverty, and that’s why at EDV we’ve made education a top priority of our work in Haiti. Institution Classique is a high-performing community school that already provides scholarships for ten children who could not otherwise afford to attend classes.


The school suffers from extreme flooding, which puts all the children who attend classes there – as well as all those who live in the area – at heightened risk of water- and mosquito-borne illnesses.


Our work with the school will focus on three areas: rebuilding the security wall, which was destroyed in the earthquake, building roofs over three classrooms to provide space for more children, and installing a drainage system to reduce flooding on the property. These works will allow the school to admit more students as well as making school safer and more secure for all those who attend class at Institution Classique.


More info at www.edvolunteers.org/institution-classique-recovery-project

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Taken on May 20, 2011