2012 Chancellor's Academy for Champaign-Urbana Teachers
Vice President and Chancellor Phyllis Wise warmly welcomed 150 local teachers to this year's College of Education Chancellor's Academy for local teachers, which kicked off on June 11, 2012. This year's Academy was themed "Empowering Teachers and Students: Learning from Practice."

She praised the calling and work of early childhood, primary, and secondary educators, saying, "We know you're not in Education to get rich. You are in it for the noble profession it really is—a profession where you help shape the next generation of leaders," Wise said.

"Some of my best teachers were those who taught me how to learn, not just what to learn," Wise said. "Teachers are so incredibly important in a child's ability to develop to their fullest potential. We are so grateful that you have committed your lives to this profession."

The Chancellor's Academy, which began in 2005, provides opportunities for teachers from the Champaign and Urbana schools to get concentrated professional development to enhance their teaching practices. Academy participants included teams of teachers from nearly all public schools in Champaign and Urbana. The Academy ran the week of June 11 at the iHotel and Convention Center in Champaign.

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