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it's not the end, just a new beginning; 365/365 | by Eduardo Acierno
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it's not the end, just a new beginning; 365/365


I never thought this day would come, I really wanna keep this short but I dont think i can…


Well, this whole Project has been a life changing experience to me.

When I first started I didn’t know ANYTHING about photography, I was just a silly boy with a camera, and Im so grateful that I found this amazing site , with amazing people that encouraged me to start this.


I grew up a lot with this project, you can see all my project if you go from my first picture to this one,

(which is … disgusting) I really wanted to take a really nice picture to finish this. But after taking this… my camera broke (what a coincidence) haha.


Anyway, I actually tried to quit this porject like 5 times, it isn’t easy I must say, and im so proud of everyone that’s done one of these cause it really takes some nice courage and patience to do it.

And well, now I have to thank my amazing contacts and flickr friends.

You guys have supported me A LOT, more than I actually deserve.

And Im so grateful, because this project’s given me the opportunity to find some amazing stream and people with a lot of talent.


Now, im saying THANKYOU….


-If it wasn't because of jordan.stubbs, I never would've found flickr. he's amazing!!!!!! so thanks man :D

-I wanna thank Tony, because he’s an amazing person, and he gave me my first Pro account, without his help, I wouldn’t be here, plus.. He always brightens my days with his funny and amazing pictures.

-Also, I wanna thank thewholeshebang, trae, and sandy. Cause these three girls were my first flickr friends, and they actually gave me a lot of support, and I seriously wouldn’t be here without them.

-thanks to kyrstin brianna, shes ma lovah, and the most amazing girl ever

-Joe freaking Curtin!!!!!!! I found you when you were getting started! And we flickrmailes and I totally fell in love with your amazing film pictures, and then you got even better and better, and now you’re a flickr star :’D thanks for your support dude!

-Audrey Hutchinson, flickr’s sweetheart :’D , your stream’s one of my faves!

- Also, I wanna thank Lauren Withrow and Jessie Roth because these girl’s 365 inspired me to do my own.

-Chelsea and Caitlyn, the best girls in the most, you girls are so kind hearted and you always cheered me up

-ChelseaChelsea : ) thanks so much for everything, we almost started our 365's the same day, and i'll never forget that amazing newfie testimonial you wrote to me

-Kate Mackenzie , you're an amazing person, and a sweetheart, thanks for always leaving me amazing comments :'D


And I wanna thank every single one of you, if you’re reading this, you’re special and I thank you for that.

I ‘ve made some new friends here on flickr, like Rob Woodcox, Rona Keller, londonscene!!!!

They’re all amazing photographers! And im so glad I found their streams.


THANKS AGAIN, really, thank you so much,

You’re now part of my life. And Im NEVER leaving flickr.


Im leaving to New York in two days, I’ll take a break from uploading til’ I get back :D

I’ll still visit your streams though J


If you actually read all this, you’re freaking AMAZING




P.S: ALEX! (bewareofthephog) YOU’RE AMAZING BRO, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR AMAZING MESSAGES AND ALL THE SUPPORT YOU’VE GIVEN ME! :’D you’ve really changed my life! And im so glad you’re my friend!!!


Pily Garcia <3 you’re amazing. Thanks for being my best friend on here, and in real life xx


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Taken on November 22, 2010