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Glauber Rocha ("an idea in the head and a camera in the hand") had filmed "Black God, White Devil" when he was 25, in 1964. In 1979, I was with the same age and had no idea how to make a film. But, as "the photographer" of our R&D team, I was given a "Super-8" video camera and the mission to film the departure party of Hiroshi Masuda, who was to join Siderbras, in Brasilia, to oversee the energy balance of all the Brazilian integrated steel mills. No idea in my head, but a camera in my hand, so to speak. This is an excerpt of my only rehersal before the party; scenes taken in and from my bedroom in Volta Redonda. The "real thing", was even worse and, as far as I know, no film recording of that event survived. It must be said that, at that time, we could only know how the images were after waiting for the development of the film, which usually took several days for the amateur videomakers. The very appropriated soundtrack was inserted later, when the VHS version of this monumental work was translated into VHS, about twenty years ago. Now, I have it on .mov, a sign of the evolution of the media in a generation. More recently, I have been making videos with my digital cameras and some of them can be found here. Even if some improvement can be noticed after so many years, I am still far from Glauber Rochas' genius, in spite of some ideas trickling into my head.

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Uploaded on December 11, 2011