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Finishing The Brief

That was the most stressful night ever, Leonie is painstakingly finishing off her project in time for Friday morning to be handed in at 11am, she need to observe a particular sign system in a specific location, measure, observe and classify the signs in their particular environment, how frequently each of the signs appears, map the position of these signs out in relations to each other and around the location you've chosen, and then create a representation of the information you've found out.


I don't even know how to explain these in layman's term, we both hasn't slept (she's doing all the work, I just make the teas), suddenly it's 5am and the fucking A3 printer has ran out of ink, which cause her to go into a S.O.M. (Stress Overdrive Mode), we decided to rest till 8am and start calling places to print out an A1 quickly before 11am, some of them said no, so I borrow her Brompton and end up cycling around Camden to each possible places that might prints it out in no time, only managed to find that Bloomsbury Snappy Snaps will do it without hesitation but too expensive to considered, finally PC World at Tottenham Court Road open at 9am and by some miracle they actually do stock the rare ink that she needed to print out her brief, and only cost a mere £10 each ink (the CMY kind).


She managed to hand it in at 11am and the teacher immeditally loved it, for her it's well worth it especially when half the student didn't even appear and the quality she gave it to.

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Taken on May 5, 2008