Basa Higher Secondary School Project
Basa is a remote village of 4,000 people in the highly-seismic Solukhumbu District (Everest Region) of Nepal that is located about an 8 to 10 hour hike off the main trekking path to Everest. In the Spring of 2012, Edge of Seven completed a brand new, four-room higher secondary school in the village using the earthquake-resistant earthbag construction method. The school was built in two phases and replaced the old building, which was dilapidated, falling down and very unsafe for children. In fact, because of this lack of safety, teachers would often hold classes outside when the weather was mild to avoid subjecting students to the risk. The new school now houses 150 children (75 girls), providing ample space for all the village children to attend, including girls, who are the first to be excluded from school when there isn't enough classroom space.

Edge of Seven will be continuing to work with the village of Basa in 2013, with plans to build additional classroom space to house more students in the region, who do not have access to higher secondary school in their home villages. We will also be building female-sensitive toilets in the village in 2013 to accommodate female students who are now forced to miss school during their monthly menstruation due to a lack of facilities.

Edge of Seven completed the Basa Higher Secondary School in partnership with The Small World in Nepal and a volunteer team from Architecture for Humanity Denver.

Basa is located in a highly-seismic region of Nepal's Himalayan Mountains. In fact, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit the region in September of 2011 causing major damage to homes and community structures in many villages. As experts expect another larger earthquake to strike soon, improving the structural integrity of its buildings is at the forefront of disaster preparedness efforts in Nepal.
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