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The Inviting Mist

This image has gone through a very interesting birth...


Dating back to when I pulled off the side of the road to set up for the shot. It was on the morning I had awoken early to drive to Christchurch for a week of spending time with friends. That was actually one of the more productive days I've had in terms of photography, getting several good shots on the 5 hour drive, with this one taken just as I exited the Lindis Pass. The landscape was blanketed in a pea soup fog all morning that had just started to lift when I saw these rather interesting looking trees on the side of the road... Interestingly enough, I was so focused on the road that it actually took me a few seconds to realize they were there, and I ended up turning around and driving back to them!


As per my usual practice when out shooting, I took multiple angles and experimented with different framing — being quite sure I would not be anywhere near these trees anytime soon! And with that in mind, I'm very glad with the result here. The scene seems very well balanced to my eye...


It goes back to that old (or new) saying: "Less is more..." — How true in this case, given how it is the lack of detail in the landscape beyond the tress that makes them all the more interesting. For those of you that enjoy getting right in there at 100% zoom, check out the details peeking through in the distance.


In contrast to my fascination with this scene on the way to Christchurch, my return journey was a different story; I drove right past them. I didn't even notice they were there. Without the fog providing an interesting composition and backdrop, the whole landscape became rather ordinary.


Going back to this image having an interesting birth, some of you will know I have been seeking some external input and feedback regarding un-published photos. By the way, thanks Kate, Matt, Ciaran, Nikita, Simon & Sean!

It actually came down to a majority vote that this one should go up next, however the crowd was split on the front of processing treatment... Some felt a sepia tone worked better, some preferred it in full color. So, I did what any logical person would, and split it down the middle! This is actually a blend of several subtle edits. I hope you like it!


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Taken on June 3, 2011